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      About Chaoqiang  Machinery Co.Ltd

      40 years of inspiration to create, and finally achieved great results  

      Chaoqiang  Machinery Co.Ltd. is located in Luzhou, China's wine city, Chengdu Chongqing Economic Zone Luzhou Yangtze River Port.   The company is a professional manufacturer of agricultural products,    Chinese herbal medicine drying equipment, environmental protection and energy-saving building materials machinery, mining machinery, agricultural machinery, clean energy machinery and pressure vessels. Agricultural Bank of China AAA credit rating, Sichuan Province, "abide by the contract and keep the promise" enterprises. The product obtains the provincial high quality product title, is the Sichuan building materials machinery    import and export key enterprise. The company is located in the  city of Luzhou, the scenic southern Sichuan , and Luzhou railway station, Luzhou airport adjacent, the traffic is very convenient. 

      The company has a strong technical force and has formed scientific research cooperation with Southwest University of Science and Technology. Advanced equipment, engineering and technical personnel account for more than 20% of the staff. The company attaches importance to scientific and technological innovation and has been appraised as provincial and municipal excellent products. The complete set of clean coking coal equipment is a key project supported by the Innovation Fund of the Ministry  of Science and Technology, which is listed as the key project of heavy  equipment in Sichuan Province. Brick press template is the first high anti-wear accessories in China, won the Provincial Science and Technology  Progress Award. The company has developed and produced a series of new high-tech energy-saving products-OVS super mechanical fresh-keeping dryer, specializing in high temperature heat pump drying and dehumidification intelligent integrated machine design, development, production and sales. Perfect quality assurance system and  high standard technical service team provide a strong guarantee for product quality.

      The product uses the material to be fastidious, the quality is good ,  the market coverage is high. The company specializes in comprehensive utilization and treatment of solid waste, has formed non-burning brick machine, hydraulic brick machine, sintered porous brick press, gantry brick coding robot complete sets of equipment, clean coke coal complete sets  of equipment and lime sand brick production line, fly ash, cinder, slag,  shale and other brick production lines, pressure vessels, mining machinery and mixer series products.   For a long time ,  we have focused on the research and production of drying equipment for agricultural products  , and have accumulated rich experience in the development of special air  heat pump drying  equipment  for  drying traditional Chinese medicine , fruits and vegetables, tobacco, nuts, noodles and vetch powder, grain,  wolfberry, ginseng, chrysanthemum and so on. Specializing in the production of new wall materials such as non-burning lime sand brick,  phosphorus-sulfur slag smelting brick, copper-bauxite slag brick, coal ash brick, permeable pottery brick, shale sintered brick and so on. It has the  right to manufacture and design the first and second class pressure vessels, and the special automatic code billet robot of disc brick press, with advanced control system. OVS super mechanical fresh-keeping dryer is a new  type of high-efficiency and energy-saving drying equipment. The key  components are assembled by imported high-quality products, which have the advantages of stability and reliability, low fault, convenient maintenance and so on. Products sell well in more than 20 provinces and cities as well as Singapore, Myanmar, Vietnam, Pakistan and other Southeast Asian countries. 

      Enterprise philosophy: let quality create value, let farmers return to warehouse, for urban residents to eat high-quality products.

      Enterprise spirit: continuous self-improvement, beyond innovation, strict management, strive for first-class.

      Enterprise purpose: all for the sake of users, production and supply of user-satisfied products. 

      Enterprise commitment: excellent products, high-quality pre-sale, sales, after-sales service. 

      Enterprise hopes: work closely with new and old users and friends from all walks of life to create a better tomorrow!

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